ClassLoader implements a PSR-0, PSR-4 and classmap class loader.
Reads/writes to a filesystem cache
Creates an archive of a package for distribution.
Base class for Composer commands
Base implementation for commands mapping dependency relationships.
Install a package as new project into new directory.
The Compiler class compiles composer into a phar
Configuration Source Interface
JSON Configuration Source
The console application that handles the commands
Stores decisions on installing, removing or keeping packages
Solver install operation.
Solver install operation.
Solver install operation.
Solver operation interface.
Abstract solver operation class.
Solver uninstall operation.
Solver update operation.
A package pool contains repositories that provide packages.
Represents a problem detected while solving dependencies
An extension of SplDoublyLinkedList with seek and removal of current element
The RuleWatchGraph efficiently propagates decisions to other rules
Wrapper around a Rule which keeps track of the two literals it watches
Base downloader for archives
ChangeReport interface.
Downloaders manager.
Downloader interface.
DVCS Downloader interface.
Base downloader for files
Exception thrown when issues exist on local filesystem
GZip archive downloader.
Download a package from a local path.
Extractor for pear packages.
Downloader for phar files
RAR archive downloader.
Downloader for tar files: tar, tar.gz or tar.bz2
VCS Capable Downloader interface.
Xz archive downloader.
The base event class
The Event Dispatcher.
An EventSubscriber knows which events it is interested in.
Creates a configured instance of composer.
The Input/Output helper.
The Input/Output helper interface.
IOInterface that is not interactive and never writes the output
Utility to handle installation of package "bin"/binaries
Interface for the package installation manager that handle binary installation.
Package operation manager.
An event for all installer.
The Installer Events.
Interface for the package installation manager.
Package installation manager.
Metapackage installation manager.
Does not install anything but marks packages installed in the repo
The Package Event.
Package Events.
Utility to handle installation of package "bin"/binaries for PEAR packages
Package installation manager.
Installer for plugin packages
Project Installer is used to install a single package into a directory as root project.
Add suggested packages from different places to output them in the end.
Reads/writes json files.
Formats json strings used for php < 5.4 because the json_encode doesn't supports the flags JSON_UNESCAPED_SLASHES | JSON_PRETTY_PRINT | JSON_UNESCAPED_UNICODE in these versions
A Symfony Finder wrapper which locates files that should go into archives
An exclude filter which processes composer's own exclude rules
An exclude filter that processes gitignore and gitattributes
An exclude filter that processes hgignore files
Base class for packages providing name storage and default match implementation
Package containing additional metadata that is not used by the solver
Defines package metadata that is not necessarily needed for solving and installing packages
Represents a link between two packages, represented by their names
EmptyConstraint deprecated
MultiConstraint deprecated
SpecificConstraint deprecated
VersionConstraint deprecated
Defines a loader that takes an array to create package instances
ArrayLoader built for the sole purpose of loading the root package
Reads/writes project lockfile (composer.lock).
Core package definitions that are needed to resolve dependencies and install packages
Defines the essential information a package has that is used during solving/installation
The root package represents the project's composer.json and contains additional metadata
Defines additional fields that are only needed for the root package
Try to guess the current version number based on different VCS configuration.
Selects the best possible version for a package
Marker interface for Plugin capabilities.
Commands Provider Interface
Plugins which need to expose various implementations of the Composer Plugin Capabilities must have their declared Plugin class implementing this interface.
An event for all commands.
The Plugin Events.
Plugin interface
Plugin manager
The pre command run event.
The pre file download event.
Represents a yes/no question Enforces strict responses rather than non-standard answers counting as default Based on Symfony\Component\Console\Question\ConfirmationQuestion
A repository implementation that simply stores packages in an array
Common ancestor class for generic repository functionality.
Composite repository.
Configurable repository interface.
Filesystem repository.
Installed array repository.
Installed filesystem repository.
Installable repository interface.
Exception thrown when a package repository is utterly broken
Package repository.
This repository allows installing local packages that are not necessarily under their own VCS.
Builds list of package from PEAR channel.
Base PEAR Channel reader.
PEAR channel info
PEAR Channel package reader.
Read PEAR packages using REST 1.0 interface
Read PEAR packages using REST 1.1 interface
PEAR package release dependency info
PEAR package release dependency info
Read PEAR packages using REST 1.0 interface
PEAR Package info
PEAR package release info
Repository interface.
Repositories manager.
Thrown when a security problem, like a broken or missing signature
Driver for GitLab API, use the Git driver for local checkouts.
A driver implementation for driver with authentication interaction.
Writable array repository.
Writable repository interface.
CommandEvent deprecated
The Command Event.
The script event class
PackageEvent deprecated
The Package Event.
The Script Events.
Composer mirror utilities
Validates a composer configuration.
Convert PHP errors into exceptions
Provides ini file location functions that work with and without a restart.
Tests URLs against no_proxy patterns.
Platform helper for uniform platform-specific tests.
Temporarily suppress PHP error reporting, usually warnings and below.
SpdxLicense deprecated
Allows the creation of a basic context supporting http proxy