Configuration Source Interface
Solver operation interface.
ChangeReport interface.
Downloader interface.
DVCS Downloader interface.
VCS Capable Downloader interface.
An EventSubscriber knows which events it is interested in.
The Input/Output helper interface.
Interface for the package installation manager that handle binary installation.
Interface for the package installation manager.
Defines package metadata that is not necessarily needed for solving and installing packages
Defines a loader that takes an array to create package instances
Defines the essential information a package has that is used during solving/installation
Defines additional fields that are only needed for the root package
Marker interface for Plugin capabilities.
Commands Provider Interface
Plugins which need to expose various implementations of the Composer Plugin Capabilities must have their declared Plugin class implementing this interface.
Plugin interface
Configurable repository interface.
Installable repository interface.
Repository interface.
Writable repository interface.