1.0.0-alpha10 - released 2015-04-14

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  • Break: The following event classes are deprecated and you should update your script handlers to use the new ones in type hints:
    • Composer\Script\CommandEvent is deprecated, use Composer\Script\Event
    • Composer\Script\PackageEvent is deprecated, use Composer\Installer\PackageEvent
  • Break: Output is now split between stdout and stderr. Any irrelevant output to each command is on stderr as per unix best practices.
  • Added support for npm-style semver operators (^ and - ranges, ` = AND,||` = OR)
  • Added --prefer-lowest to update command to allow testing a package with the lowest declared dependencies
  • Added support for parsing semver build metadata +anything at the end of versions
  • Added --sort-packages option to require command for sorting dependencies
  • Added --no-autoloader to install and update commands to skip autoload generation
  • Added --list to run-script command to see available scripts
  • Added --absolute to config command to get back absolute paths
  • Added classmap-authoritative config option, if enabled only the classmap info will be used by the composer autoloader
  • Added support for branch-alias on numeric branches
  • Added support for the https_proxy/HTTPS_PROXY env vars used only for https URLs
  • Added support for using real composer repos as local paths in create-project command
  • Added --no-dev to licenses command
  • Added support for PHP 7.0 nightly builds
  • Fixed detection of stability when parsing multiple constraints
  • Fixed installs from lock file containing updated composer.json requirement
  • Fixed the autoloader suffix in vendor/autoload.php changing in every build
  • Many minor fixes, documentation additions and UX improvements