1.0.0-alpha6 - released 2012-10-23

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  • Schema: Added ability to pass additional options to repositories (i.e. ssh keys/client certificates to secure private repos)
  • Schema: Added a new ~ operator that should be preferred over >=, see https://getcomposer.org/doc/01-basic-usage.md#package-version-constraints
  • Schema: Version constraints <x.y are assumed to be <x.y-dev unless specified as <x.y-stable to reduce confusion
  • Added config command to edit/list config values, including --global switch for system config
  • Added OAuth token support for the GitHub API
  • Added ability to specify CLI commands as scripts in addition to PHP callbacks
  • Added --prefer-dist flag to force installs of dev packages from zip archives instead of clones
  • Added --working-dir (-d) flag to change the working directory
  • Added --profile flag to all commands to display execution time and memory usage
  • Added github-protocols config key to define the order of preferred protocols for github.com clones
  • Added ability to interactively reset changes to vendor dirs while updating
  • Added support for hg bookmarks in the hg driver
  • Added support for svn repositories not following the standard trunk/branch/tags scheme
  • Fixed git clones of dev versions so that you end up on a branch and not in detached HEAD
  • Fixed "Package not installed" issues with --dev installs
  • Fixed the lock file format to be a snapshot of all the package info at the time of update
  • Fixed order of autoload requires to follow package dependencies
  • Fixed rename() failures with "Access denied" on windows
  • Improved memory usage to be more reasonable and not grow with the repository size
  • Improved performance and memory usage of installs from composer.lock
  • Improved performance of a few essential code paths
  • Many bug small fixes and docs improvements