1.0.0-alpha9 - released 2014-12-07

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  • Added remove command to do the reverse of require
  • Added --ignore-platform-reqs to install/update commands to install even if you are missing a php extension or have an invalid php version
  • Added a warning when abandoned packages are being installed
  • Added auto-selection of the version constraint in the require command, which can now be used simply as composer require foo/bar
  • Added ability to define custom composer commands using scripts
  • Added browse command to open a browser to the given package's repo URL (or homepage with -H)
  • Added an autoload-dev section to declare dev-only autoload rules + a --no-dev flag to dump-autoload
  • Added an auth.json file, with store-auths config option
  • Added a http-basic config option to store login/pwds to hosts
  • Added failover to source/dist and vice-versa in case a download method fails
  • Added --path (-P) flag to the show command to see the install path of packages
  • Added --update-with-dependencies and --update-no-dev flags to the require command
  • Added optimize-autoloader config option to force the -o flag from the config
  • Added clear-cache command
  • Added a GzipDownloader to download single gzipped files
  • Added ssh support in the github-protocols config option
  • Added pre-dependencies-solving and post-dependencies-solving events
  • Added pre-archive-cmd and post-archive-cmd script events to the archive command
  • Added a no-api flag to GitHub VCS repos to skip the API but still get zip downloads
  • Added http-basic auth support for private git repos not on github
  • Added support for autoloading .hh files when running HHVM
  • Added support for PHP 5.6
  • Added support for OTP auth when retrieving a GitHub API key
  • Fixed isolation of files autoloaded scripts to ensure they can not affect anything
  • Improved performance of solving dependencies
  • Improved SVN and Perforce support
  • A boatload of minor fixes, documentation additions and UX improvements