1.2.0-RC - released 2016-07-04

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  • Added caching of git repositories if you have git 2.3+ installed. Repositories will now be cached once and then cloned from local cache so subsequent installs should be faster
  • Added detection of HEAD changes to the status command. If you git checkout X in a vendor directory for example it will tell you that it is not at the version that was installed
  • Added a virtual php-ipv6 extension to require PHP compiled with IPv6 support
  • Added --no-suggest to install and update commands to skip output of suggestions at the end
  • Added --type to the search command to restrict to a given package type
  • Added fossil support as alternative to git/svn/.. for package downloads
  • Improved BitBucket OAuth support
  • Added support for blocking cache operations using COMPOSER_CACHE_DIR=/dev/null (or NUL on windows)
  • Added support for using declare(strict_types=1) in plugins
  • Added --prefer-stable and --prefer-lowest to the require command
  • Added --no-scripts to the require and remove commands
  • Added _comment top level key to the schema to endorse using it as a place to store comments (it can be a string or array of strings)
  • Added support for justinrainbow/json-schema 2.0
  • Fixed binaries not being re-installed if deleted by users or the bin-dir changes. update and install will now re-install them
  • Many minor UX and docs improvements