1.7.0-RC - released 2018-07-24

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  • Changed default repository URL from packagist.org to repo.packagist.org, this might affect people with strict firewall rules
  • Changed output from Updating to Downgrading when performing package downgrades, this might affect anything parsing output
  • Several minor performance improvements
  • Added basic authentication support for mercurial repos
  • Added explicit i and u aliases for the install and update commands
  • Added support for show command to output json format with --tree
  • Added support for {glob,braces} support in the path repository's path argument
  • Added support in status command for showing diffs in vendor dir even for packages installed as dist/zip archives
  • Added --remove-vcs flag to create-project command to avoid prompting for keeping VCS files
  • Added --no-secure-http flag to create-project command to bypass https (use at your own risk)
  • Added pre-command-run event that lets plugins modify arguments
  • Added RemoteFilesystem::getRemoteContents extension point
  • Fixed setting scripts via config command