1.8.0 - released 2018-12-03

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  • Changed post-package-install / post-package-update event to be fired after the lock file has been updated as opposed to before
  • Added support for removing packages using a wildcard with the remove command, e.g. composer remove foo/*
  • Added chat to the list of support channels you can list in composer.json
  • Added signal handling on require command to restore the composer.json in case of abort
  • Added --ignore to outdated command to pass one or more packages that you do not want to be listed
  • Added --no-dev to check-platform-reqs command to skip dev requirements even if they are installed
  • Added support for running plugin commands from sub-directories within a project much like other Composer commands
  • Added support for running Composer via phpdbg
  • Added lib-imagick platform package
  • Fixed validate command always checking for disabled checks when used with --strict