1.9.0 - released 2019-08-02

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  • Breaking: artifact repositories with URLs containing port numbers and requiring authentication now require you to configure http-basic auth for the host:port pair explicitly
  • Added a --no-cache flag available on all commands to run with the cache disabled
  • Added PHP_BINARY as env var pointing to the PHP process when executing Composer scripts as shell scripts
  • Added a use-github-api config option which can set the no-api flag on all GitHub VCS repositories declared
  • Added a static helper you can preprend to a script to avoid process timeouts, "Composer\\Config::disableProcessTimeout"
  • Added Event::getOriginatingEvent to retrieve an event's original event when a script handler forwards to another one
  • Added support for autoloading directly from a phar file
  • Fixed loading order of plugins to always initialize them in order of dependencies
  • Fixed various network-mount related issues
  • Fixed --ignore-platform-reqs not ignoring conflict rules against platform packages